Random Clips

Documenting all kine tings. Inspired by being and beings.

I used to have a small pocket Canon Powershot that I’d carry around with me in my pocket. It’s been on many journeys. Not the highest quality footage, but it captured a lot of things that inspired me. Along with some footage from my phone, these are some short clips of random people, places, and things.

Spoken Word: 16th & Mission, Mission District

Pancakes & Booze Art Show, Downtown SF

Carnaval, Mission District

Carnaval – Lowriders, Mission District

B-Girl Battle – Renegades Anniversary, Downtown SF

David creating a cult video game, Mission District

Astro & D-Life, Downtown SF

Luau at OK Farms, Hilo

Staring down Kiluaea, Big Island

Roxie paints the scenery in Keaukaha, Keaukaha

Damian Marley, Harmony Festival

Celebrating the Warriors Championship, Mission District